Submission of a report

How should I fill in the financial part of the report?

You will receive a pre-filled report form, which means that the report sent to you already contains the amounts that you entered in the application. You will have to add the actual amounts spent for the planned types of expenses. Even if the planned budget is the same as the actual budget, you will still have to enter amounts in the budget execution field.

What kind of receipts can be entered as transport expenses?

Transport expenses involve any tickets and receipts of means of transport. Fuel checks must be accompanied by a document that covers the distance in kilometres, driven kilometres and purpose of the ride. Please make copies of the receipts.

Do I have to add an invoice to the report, if there is the payment order?

As a rule, both the invoice and payment order are required in the report, because the invoice shows the provided service and the payment report shows, who and when paid for the service. The invoice is not required, if the purpose of payment is clearly stated in the purpose field of the payment order (e.g., fee for performing at the concert in the Pühalepa Rural Municipality on 1 April). In case only the invoice number is marked in the payment order, the invoice that specifies the provided service must definitely be added.

I received an amount for specific purposes, but someone else paid for me

In this case, you will have to add the payment order that shows that you have paid the amount to the person that paid for you. For example: Mari Maasikas received a grant of 200 euros for buying plane tickets. However, Miina bought the tickets for her. In this case, Mari will have to add the payment document to the report, showing that she has paid the cost of the plane tickets to Miina.

What should I do if the budget changed a lot compared to the plan?

If major changes are introduced to the budget, you will have to submit an application for amending the contract and add the new budget. The application is reviewed by the endowment panel and decide, whether to approve or not to approve the amendment.

What should I do, if a budget line changed significantly during the project?

In case a budget line for a type of expense changed significantly during the project, you will have to justify it in the substantive part of the report and explain, why the change to the budget line was introduced.

What should I do, if I changed the objective in the course of work?

The objective of the contract cannot be changed at one’s own initiative. In order to change the objective, you will have to submit the application for amending the contract and the endowment panel will review it and make the respective decision.

What should I write in the substantive part of the report?

The substantive part of the report must give an overview and comply with what was written in the application. While, in the application, you wrote about your plans and the objectives of the project, then in the report, we also ask you to describe, how the planned objectives were fulfilled and what was the end result of the project.

If I am studying, is it not sufficient to write in the report that my studies are successful and I plan to continue them next year?

No, we expect you to give an overview of your study results and write, how you have actually performed in your studies.

I received a reminder of submitting a report, although I submitted an application for extending the deadline.

Reminders about submitting a report are sent automatically regardless of whether you have submitted an extension application or not. In case your extension application has been satisfied, you will be sent the amendment to the contract, which will enter into force after you have signed the amendment application and sent it to us.

All applications are processed by the endowment panel / county expert group and the results will be made known after their meetings.

Why did I receive a reminder of submitting a report, although I have already submitted it?

Reminders about submitting a report are sent automatically and, in order for us to register the report, we have to enter it first. For example, if you send the report at on Friday at 10:30 p.m., you will receive a reminder on Saturday, because we have not entered the report in the system yet. In this case, the report will usually be registered during Monday with the date of submitting the report.

In case you will receive another reminder within 10 days as of submitting the report, we advise you to contact the office of the Cultural Endowment and find out the reason for receiving the reminder. In this case, we have probably not received the report and then we can determine the reason.