Usage of the Cultural Endowment's logo

1. General principles

1.1 The trademark is registered in the Estonian Patent Office with the number 37883 on 7th of July 2003; trademark KULTUURKAPITAL is registered in the Estonian Patent Office with the number 33996 on 23rd of May 2001.

2. Usage of commercial logo EESTI KULTUURKAPITAL 

2.1 The logo is used on printings, events, presentations, requisites, boards, news and other places/occasions supported by the Cultural Endowment. 

2.2 The elements and their proportions and colours are unalterable. 

2.3 It can be used in two colours (black and white) with the phrase EESTI KULTUURKAPITAL. The main colour of the logo is black - black figures text on white background. It is also allowed to use it in negative. 

2.4 If shrinking the logo, the text  “EESTI KULTUURKAPITAL” must be readable. 

2.5 Usage of the logo is generally free of charge. 

 3. Permission to use

Permission to use the logo has been given to those, who have been granted a support from the Cultural Endowment. 


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