Donating to the Cultural Endowment

Receipt of donations is one of the opportunities of the Cultural Endowment to involve private capital in financing culture. Pursuant to the Cultural Endowment of Estonia Act, the assets of Cultural Endowment are formed, among others, from property donations made in favour of the Cultural Endowment (sihtannetuste alusel preemiate, stipendiumide ja toetuste määramise alused). 

Donations and bequests intended for specific purposes are used only for the purposes designated by the donor or bequeathed.
The donor is required to pay income tax on donations made to the Cultural Endowment, see TuMS.

Filling in the application

In order to make a donation, an application has to be filled in Word; PDF, specifying the amount and specific purpose of the donation.

Based on the application, the Cultural Endowment shall enter into a bilateral contract with the donor, which also serves as the basis for the transfer of funds.

In order to pay the award, support or grant amount awarded through a donation with a specific purpose, the Cultural Endowment shall enter into a bilateral contract with the private person (recipient of the award, support or grant).

  • If the recipient of donation is known at the moment of making the donation, please fill in part 1 of the application.
  • If the recipient of the donation will become known later, please fill in part 2 of the application and specify, who will submit the notice that determines the recipients of donation.