Estonian Cultural Endowment received a large donation from Norway

A private donor from Norway donated 150 000 Euros to the Traducta programme for translating Estonian literature into Norwegian, Icelandic and Danish languages.

The Norwegian subsidiary programme will be called Norsk Pengepung - Norwegian Wallet.

The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous to the public, is a great friend of Estonian culture and estophile and has translated a considerable amount of Estonian literature into Norwegian.

Supported by this donation, for the first five years, Estonian literature will be translated only into Norwegian, followed by translations into Icelandic and Danish languages.

This is the second large donation to Traducta programme this year. Thanks to a private donor, Traducta manages a 40 000-Euro fund called English Wallet for translating Estonian literature into English.  

Traducta is a grant programme, launched in 2000 by the Council of the  Cultural Endowment of Estonia for translators of Estonian literature and foreign publishers. The objective of the programme is to support the translation of literary works of Estonian authors (primarily fiction, but also history, folklore, essays, etc.) into foreign languages and their publication outside Estonia.