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  • The acceptance of applications in the first round of 2021 has ended. The decisions will be announced by the end of the second week of April. Applications for the second round of 2021 can be submitted on May 20.
  • The office of the Cultural Endowment is accepting additional documentation for reports 10.00–18.00 Mondays and 10.00–17.00 Wednesdays. In order to facilitate processing, please include the name of the beneficiary and the number of the contract to which the documentation belongs. We are available for consultation by phone and e-mail. For consultations at the office of the Cultural Endowment, please make an appointment in advance. The contact information of the staff can be found here. Paper contracts and other smaller items may be placed in the mailboxes of the Cultural Endowment located in stairwell B of the Saarineni building at Suur-Karja 23. The marked mailboxes are situated next to the elevator and the front doors are open 9.00–18.00 weekdays.

  • Dear applicants who received a grant decision from the Cultural Endowment!                              

    If your project cannot be completed in accordance with the application due to the event, study trip or assignment you applied funds for being cancelled or postponed for reasons beyond your control (e.g. due to coronavirus measures), please contact us as soon as possible.

    Internal procedures of the Cultural Endowment for contracts that cannot
    be performed for the purpose specified in the application for reasons beyond
    the applicant's control

Expert groups

An expert group is a structural unit of the Cultural Endowment the function of which is to distribute the money appropriated to a specific area of Estonia on the basis of submitted applications and on its own initiative.

Estonian Kultuurkapital structure consists of 15 regional expert groups:

Eesti kaart Harjumaa Hiiumaa Ida-Virumaa Järvamaa Jõgevamaa Lääne-Virumaa Läänemaa Pärnumaa Raplamaa Saaremaa Tartumaa Põlvamaa Valgamaa Viljandimaa Võrumaa