General terms and conditions of grant contracts

The contract is concluded between the authorized representative of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia and the grant recipient or the authorized/legal representative thereof.

Based on the grant contract, the Cultural Endowment shall award a grant to the grant recipient in the amount specified in the grant contract. The substantive objective of using the grant is specified in the contract.

The grant is paid by bank transfer to the bank account of the grant recipient.
The Cultural Endowment is obligated to pay the grant amount within 10 working days as of the entry into force of the contract by bank transfer to the bank account of the grant recipient according to the specifications of the contract.

The contract shall enter into force upon the return of the contract signed by the grant recipient to the Cultural Endowment.
The Cultural Endowment shall enter the contract signed by the grant recipient in the register and the effective date is the date of entry of the contract into register. In order for the contract to enter into force, the aforementioned date does not have to be entered in the copy left with the applicant.

In case the grant recipient has not signed and returned this contract to the Cultural Endowment within 90 days as of the day the Cultural Endowment sent the contract, the grant recipient shall lose the right to the grant allocated thereto and the Cultural Endowment has the right to redistribute the grant.
Amendment of the terms and conditions of the contract is allowed only under agreement of the parties and it shall be worded as an annex to the contract.

Disputes arising from the contract shall be resolved by the parties by way of negotiations. In case of not reaching an agreement, disputes shall be resolved pursuant to legal acts of the Republic of Estonia.

The grant support contract is prepared in two copies, whereof both parties will receive one copy.