Terms and conditions 

Publishers can apply for financial support to cover a part of their printing costs. The grant amount will be based on the direct printing costs of the translated book. The costs are to be stated in the application form and must be based on a valid estimate from a printing house. The publication grant must not be used to cover remuneration for image editing and graphic design, taxes, or shipping costs.

Traducta requires the publisher to send 5 copies of the translated book to the Cultural Endowment of Estonia as soon as the book has been published. If the Cultural Endowment would like to receive more copies, this will be stated in the official confirmation letter.

To receive a grant, the publisher must agree to state in the book that publication was made possible (or aided) by a grant from the Traducta programme of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

It would be appreciated if the logo of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia was also printed.

Only previously unpublished works will be considered for a grant.